01/14/2012 12:25 am ET

David Choe Tags All Over Facebook Headquarters

Despite David Choe's many eccentricities (the gambling addiction, hitchhiking adventures, questionable attempts to become a born-again Christian), the celebrated graffiti artist has a charm that somehow finds its way into the loving arms of corporate America, including the new Facebook offices in Menlo Park, CA.

Though it may seem like an odd pairing for the straight-laced Zuckerberg to commission the off-kilter Choe to paint the new headquarters, this isn't the first time the artist has been invited into the inner sanctum. Choe first graced Facebook's offices in 2005 with his sexually explicit murals, reportedly at the request of founding president, Shawn Parker. Two years later, Zuckerberg later commissioned Choe to decorate Facebook's next home base, albeit with tamer subject matter.

Watch as Choe wanders the blank walls like a kid in a candy store, turning every mundane element of the building's structure into inspiration for another image. Not the biggest fan of Choe's 'dirty hands'? These sentiments echo what people thought of his 2007 efforts.

In fact, the criticism was so pervasive that Choe thought it would be a good idea to pair the negative reactions with images of the work in his 2010 book, aptly named David Choe. For footage of Choe's free-flowing carnage, view the video above and below from Upper Playground's Walrus TV.