01/11/2012 04:55 pm ET

Fran McCaffery Slams Chair: Iowa Basketball Coach Freaks Out Against Michigan State (VIDEO)

For a basketball coach, being compared to Bobby Knight can be an honor. Unless, the connection is chair throwing rather than basketball success. After an explosion during a game against Michigan State on Tuesday night, Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery will be linked to Knight by virtue of their less-than-adult antics.

With just under 11 minutes remaining in the game and his Hawkeyes tyrailing, 69-41, McCaffery received a technical foul for jawing at the refs. After the tech, the coach eventually redirected his anger toward his own players and an inanimate object.

McCaffery screamed at his squad and then picked up the nearest chair, slamming it on the ground. As most college basketball fans remember, the throwing of a chair by a coach to express anger has a hallowed place in the sport dating back to 1985 when then Indiana coach Bobby Knight tossed a chair onto the court in anger, nearly hitting an opposing player.

Admittedly, McCaffery had plenty to be angry about. His team lost its last two games by a combined 63 points and is now 2-3 in Big Ten play. But at least one of McCaffery's players was sympathetic to the coach's frustration.

"I would've done that, too, if I'd been watching what he had to watch," Hawkeyes sophomore Melsahn Basabe told the AP. "It was unacceptable."