01/11/2012 05:26 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2012

Weather Graphic FAIL: Ericka Pino Of Telemundo 52 Pranked By Crew? (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Since our initial posting, the video has been made private by the owner. We will repost it if & when it becomes available again.

What starts out as a simple case of a blue screen FAIL, turns into what looks like a full-fledged prank by someone in the crew at Telemundo 52 on meteorologist Ericka Pino.

Clearly, Pino wasn't in on the gag, as evidenced by her repeated looks back and forth, as well as her switch back to English to angrily ask, "What is going on?"

Whether it was intentional or not, we wouldn't want to be the graphics person once the live feed ended. Perhaps it's just another example of someone quitting their job spectacularly?