Amber Rose Cries While Discussing Kanye West In An Interview

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Does Kanye West still have an emotional hold on his ex-girlfriend? That seemed to be the case after Amber Rose got teary-eyed during an interview with MTV RapFix when her ex came up in conversation.

The model, who first popped on the scene when she started dating the "Watch the Throne" rapper, sat down to talk with MTV's Sway Calloway. Like every other recent interview, she was asked some questions about her current relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa, and her past one with West. She said that, when it comes to Yeezy, the public only knows one side of the story.

"No one knows what I've been through and the things that I had to deal with when, you know, Kanye made his album, and he talked reckless about me on his album," she told Sway. "And then, you know, I have people throwing things at me in the street, because they're fans of Kanye's."

Rose then broke down in tears, prompting Sway to change the subject. But not before she got a chance to set the record straight about what made her so emotional.

"I'm just crying because, I don't deserve to be bullied like that," she said. "I'm a nice girl, I don't bother anybody and I keep my mouth shut because I don't want any trouble. But to be bullied through music and stuff like that, it's not fair to me. I don't deserve that."

But lately, Rose has been doing the exact opposite of keeping her mouth shut. During an exclusive interview with Star magazine, she recently revealed that she and Kanye split because of his alleged affair with reality star Kim Kardashian, calling her a homewrecker. She later apologized to Kardashian for the insult, but never denied the truth of the affair.

Despite being burned in her last relationship, she has been very vocal about how happy and in love she is in her current one, and recently collaborated with her beau on her debut single "Fame." But will her budding modeling and music career ever help her cut her ties to the Rocafella rapper?