01/12/2012 03:50 pm ET

Artist Celebrates Year Of The Dragon With Sculptures Made Of Dough (VIDEO)

The year of the dragon is upon us... what better way to celebrate than by creating dragon sculptures out of dough?

A talented artist has taken up the Chinese tradition of dough sculpture in honor of the upcoming new year. She has perfected the art of the dough dragon just in time for the year of the Water Dragon on the Chinese calendar, which begins January 23. The tasty beasts symbolize prosperity and best wishes for the year 2012. (Unless you're in China, where the year is 4709.)

The artist is quite experienced in her craft, one of her creations extending 1.28 meters, made of around nine pounds of flour! That is one dragon we wouldn't want to mess with.

The bright colors and intricate designs are so delicious we can only imagine how they must taste! Watch the transition from dough to dragon below.