01/12/2012 09:13 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Kate Hudson On Her Simplified Beauty Routine, Style Icons And More

Ever since we became aware of Kate Hudson in her turn as ditzy groupie Penny Lane in "Almost Famous," the actress has managed to a) not age, b) never look like she's wearing a lick of makeup and c) look all the better for it. No easy feat. While it seems effortless (being Goldie's daughter helps), Hudson truly is a master of the no-makeup makeup look, even more so since teaming up with Almay in mid-2010. "I usually keep it simple: for easy, five minute makeup, I use eyeliner, blush, mascara and call it a day," says the actress. "If I’m going out, maybe I’ll touch up a little bit." We caught up with the "Something Borrowed" star recently to get the hard and fast details on makeup staples, style icons and her simplified routine. And take a look below at Hudson's glowy beauty evolution.

What everyday products do you rely on to not look overly done?
Almay Smart Shade Makeup. It's so easy, I put it on like moisturizer. It is not heavy or cakey. I love their eyeliner, too.

What skincare products have you have always been faithful to since you were young?
Pond's Cold Cream.

How did your beauty routine change when you were pregnant?
I didn't really change anything. I’m not fussy, my face just got a little fuller. As far as products, I’m a big advocate of natural. Ren Skincare is great.

What's the one makeup staple you always have in your bag? 
Usually lip gloss and concealer.

Favorite red carpet looks?
I loved this Pucci dress at the SAG Awards, and Roberto Cavalli at the London premiere of "The Skeleton Key."

Who inspires you beauty-wise?
Anita Pallenberg and Julie Christie.


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