01/12/2012 04:59 pm ET

Oprah Talks Newfound Freedom Of Leaving Show, Doing 'Oprah's Next Chapter'

Oprah Winfrey seems happy that she's finally left the television studio.

In an interview about her new course after her legendary talk show, Winfrey told Reuters, "I love the freedom of not being tethered to that chair and having to do an interview based upon filling a quota on a number of shows."

She had more unexpectedly downbeat words about the obligations of a daily talk show.

"When you have 200 shows a year to do, you do a lot of things that you like and a lot of things you would, maybe, want to pass on," she said.

The former queen of daytime is busy at work on her fledgling cable network, and just launched her new show "Oprah's Next Chapter." The show features Winfrey interviewing public figures and private families outside of the studio, and it appears to be a refreshing change. "Part of this for me is getting to do exactly what I wanted to do when I ended 'The Oprah Show,'" she said.

Upcoming episodes will feature her interview with Sean Penn in Haiti, and a Hasidic Jewish family that has never heard of her before. She will also be going to India and possibly China.

She told Reuters, "People think I have seen the world. I haven't seen the world because my work kept me in one space and it was necessary to be in that space. I get to open that door for myself and bring other people in to see the world."

Winfrey referred to the excitement of getting "out of the studio chairs" and taking her show around the country when she first announced it in November.

The most recent episode delivered record ratings for her fledgling cable network, which was welcome news that Winfrey acknowledged in a Facebook note on Thursday.

"You all helped us make headlines last week," she wrote.