01/12/2012 01:52 pm ET

'Revenge' Star Gabriel Mann Dishes On Plot Twists And Love Interests

So, "Revenge" fans, did you see this week's big twist coming? That mix of soapy drama and and jaw-dropping turns is why this ABC series has been my favorite new network show this season, and Wednesday night's episode reminded us once again that nothing is off limits in the Hamptons.

I caught up with "Revenge" scene-stealer Gabriel Mann to find out what's up next for New York's finest schemers and for his character, Nolan Ross, the billionaire playboy who's helping Emily (Emily VanCamp) in her revenge missions. Now that his sexy summer hook-up is over, who will he be romancing next? Could Nolan be eyeing a lady for his next lover? A very powerful lady even?

Mann also cryptically teased the possibility of long-lost characters coming back from the dead and one monster of an episode that will shed light on what's really happening.

Nolan gets the best lines on the show. Period.
I know. ... Maybe it's just because I've taken so much leeway with what they've given me. Can you tell I'm having a good time?

Where do you want to see the rest of this season go?
I wish I could even vaguely answer that, but anywhere that I've had even an inkling that it might go, it went in completely the opposite direction. So the only thing that I could say is if there's a direction that I really don't want it to go in, I'm gonna push for it to go there, and I know it'll go the other way. But at this point, there's really nowhere that you could take this that I wouldn't somehow get some immense pleasure out of partaking in it.

Some fans think they know how this season will end, but no one really knows who got shot or what will happen, right?
Tomorrow we get the script for episode 15, which answers all those questions. We have been begging them -- begging! -- for anything. Tomorrow morning we get the script, it has the answers, and that's the beauty of [show creator] Mike Kelley: He delivers what he promises. He's not trying to extend this into some arbitrary kind of endless thing ... it's all about instant gratification. All I've been told is that this next episode is a monster. We go back to the beginning, and then the rest of the season deals with what happens in that episode and then launches into a potential Season 2, fingers crossed.

You're on Twitter, and I know you've seen people speculating about Amanda and Nolan being brother and sister. But the show had another sibling twist for us this week. Did you think that would happen?
I think about all of that because they're the same conversations we're having on set!

I'm also convinced that Emily/Amanda's dad (James Tupper) isn't actually dead. ... I mean, Nolan's the only source of that information. Is anyone ever really dead on this show?
If you can fall off the top of a building and survive, anything's possible. I mean, I would love to see Max Martini's character, Frank, come back from the dead. They were showing a repeat on TV, and I caught some of his scenes with Madeleine [Stowe] -- like some very sexy late-night scene in the kitchen -- and there was some serious heat between the two of them.

Speaking of James Tupper, who plays David Clarke, the author of the show's "road map of revenge" had a few words about his role as well: "It's a really good show. ... I'm having a blast with it. And they structured my contract in a way that I understand what my role is."

After quite a bit of back-and-forth and non-answers, Tupper ended by saying, "I think I might be full-time in Season 2. There, I said it."

But Emily and Nolan do have a special relationship since he's one of the only people who knows who she is and what she's up to. Will she ever stop abusing his allegiance to her?
I think she has figured sort of my Achilles' heel at this point, and she's taken full advantage of it.

Well, she saw the video!
She saw the video! She knows this guy will do anything for a little love and attention, so anytime it ever starts to go too far one way, she'll throw me enough of a bone that I'll be like, "OK ..."

Speaking of bones ... Nolan's last love interest went a little nuts and is obviously no longer in the picture. Is there a new love interest for him on the horizon?
Yes. It's funny because that relationship crept up on me as well, the Tyler-Nolan thing. We just had so much fun doing it and playing those scenes together, the sort of devious head-to-headness of that situation, that I was really thinking, "Oh, I'm gonna kind of miss this a little bit." But, you know, money buys a lot of things.

Do you have any requests for whoever's next?
I'm hoping for the most eccentric, unusual love interest possibility for the next go-round for myself. I want some more love scenes; I want to explore what happens when he really falls head over heels.

If you could choose a love interest for Nolan, who would it be?
There's an amazing comedic and dramatic actress named Missi Pyle. ... She and I worked together a few years back. Wouldn't she be perfect for Nolan? Can you imagine Missi and Nolan together?

Honestly? Not really. I mean, she's a she!
I'm dark like that. I genuinely believe when he said he was "a three on the Kinsey scale," that that's what he believes about himself. Look, I would be happy with whoever they want to give me at this point. I mean, really ... I'd like to go with Victoria actually. Can you imagine them tearing up the Hamptons? That would screw up Emily's plan royally. I can't begin to think of the possibilities.

I kind of love that. We also keep hearing about the show having a change of scenery soon, and I'm already mentally decorating Nolan's Manhattan loft.
Loft? I feel like it's a building! I feel like he's gonna have a five-story that's been gutted and opened up. For him, I think the city is business and it's winter. The summer is ripe with the possibility of friendship and love, sometimes unrequited, sometimes not.

"Revenge" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.