01/15/2012 11:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gusmano Cesaretti's East LA Snapshots At Roberts & Tilton

When photographer Gusmano Cesaretti emigrated to East LA from Italy in the 1970s he was captivated by the cultural differences. Among the first to document the vibrant atmosphere of East LA, Cesaretti took photos of everything he saw, chronicling not only the rough exterior of the neighborhood, but also the love and vulnerability that united the residents.

Roberts & Tilton Gallery in Culver City continue to bolster their reputation for featuring artists that focus on the overlooked periphery with their new show expertly curated by Aaron Rose. Cesaretti's uncanny intimacy with his subjects reveals a sort of humanity that Cesaretti came to embody with his work. He is drawn to the overlooked and underappreciated in order to show that culture occurs everywhere, not just within the pristine white walls of art galleries. The main room will feature 24 recently discovered vintage prints of Cesaretti's work during the early years of his career when he was becoming acquainted with his new neighborhood.

Gusmano Cesaretti, From the East Los Angeles series, 24 unique vintage gelatin silver prints, Each: 39.125 x 27.125 in, 1970s

In Roberts & Tilton's adjoining Project Space, Cesaretti's more recent work is showcased. The "Art In The Streets" alum traveled to a troubled section of Colon, Peru where he chose to focus on children as his subjects. Juxtaposed against the gritty reality of their home, Cesaretti had earn his subjects' trust before he could portray them in the right light. Exhibiting a zen-like patience, Cesaretti took time to build a relationship with his subjects that is evidenced in their unguarded expressions as if the children still have the capacity to trust and hope, despite their bleak circumstances.

Gusmano Cesaretti will be on display Roberts & Tilton until February 18th, 2012.

Gusmano Cesaretti