01/13/2012 07:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Today' At 60: Show Celebrates A Big Anniversary In A Big Way (VIDEO)

The "Today" show celebrated its 60th anniversary on Friday in typically laid-back fashion.

Actually, the morning's most venerable and iconic news show got the Empire State Building and Niagara Falls to do its bidding, called in President Obama and brought back just about every anchor "Today" has ever had.

It was on January 13, 1952 that Dave Garroway kicked off the very first "Today" episode, and the show has never left. It is now the fifth-longest-running American television show of all time.

On Thursday night, the Empire State Building was lit up in the show's colors. Niagara Falls did the same.

Below, see how the show kicked off the anniversary.

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