01/14/2012 11:08 am ET

Jillian Michaels' Top Tips For Healthy Eating In 2012

The average American eats at least one fried food a day, according to exercise guru Jillian Michaels. If you've resolved this year to eat healthier, that's a good place to start, she says.

For snacks, opt for fruit, veggies, nuts or popcorn. When eating out, ask if the restaurant can grill, bake or broil typically fried fare. "Just that simple switch in your cooking style is going to make a huge difference," says Michaels. And don't worry about missing the flavor -- many spices, herbs and dry rubs pack savory punch and some impressive health benefits, too.

Watch the video to find out Michaels' top tip for getting the crunch of fried food on fish and chicken without the extra fat.