01/15/2012 06:50 pm ET Updated Jan 16, 2012

Giants Hail Mary: Hakeem Nicks Catches Long TD Pass From Eli Manning Against Packers (VIDEO)

With just 15 seconds remaining before halftime of the Giants-Packers Divisional Playoff at Lambeau Field, New York was pushing to get into field goal goal range. Taking a snap from his own 40-yard line, Giants quarterback Eli Manning tossed the ball to Ahmad Bradshaw, who started left but cut back to the inside and found open space. He bolted across to the right side near midfield and sprinted to the far sideline. Bradshaw burst up the edge before getting pushed out at the Green Bay 37-yard line.

Despite the big gain, Giants coach Tom Coughlin still felt his team was outside of field goal range.

With six seconds remaining and no timeouts, Manning took the shotgun snap and instead of looking for a quick pass to the sideline for a couple extra yards to stop the clock, he took a shot to the end zone. As the hail mary pass sailed through the air, Giants receivers and Packers defenders crowded the end zone. New York wideout Hakeem Nicks got in a central position amidst the scrum and rose up for the jump ball. He got his arms extended and reeled it in for the catch as he fell down on two Green Bay defenders. It was the 6'1 receiver's second touchdown of the game and it gave the Giants a 20-10 lead going into halftime.

The Giants went on to dominate the Packers in the second half and win 37-20.