01/16/2012 08:46 am ET

Dominic Lammer Goal: 19-Year-Old Hockey Player Scores Lacrosse Goal In Swiss League (VIDEO)

It looks like we have an early candidate for hockey goal of the year. And it doesn't come from the NHL.

During a recent Swiss league game between EV Zug and the Kloten Flyers, EVZ's Dominic Lammer lifted the puck onto his stick and tucked it into the net with a stunning lacrosse move. Positioned behind the net with a Flyer on each side of the goal and nowhere to go, Lammer lifted the puck on his stick and flipped it over the goalie's right shoulder and into the net. It was the 19-year-old's second goal of the night and fourth of the weekend.

If Mikael Granlund's lacrosse goal in last year's World Hockey Championships was dubbed a "goal for the ages," we're not sure how Lammer's goal will be praised. At the very least, the "wow" from the announcers shows this is a stunner in any language.