01/19/2012 08:07 am ET

Elisabetta Rogai's Paintings Made Of Wine (PHOTOS)

When most of us pop open a bottle of wine, we're getting ready to curl up on the couch, maybe eat a little spaghetti and eventually drift off to sleep. But for painter Elisabetta Rogai, popping open a bottle of red is just the beginning of a hard day's work.

Rogai uses red and white wine without any other chemicals to paint her romantic, expressive depictions of women. Because of the organic nature of the materials, Rogai's canvasses literally age just like a fine wine, changing color and texture after around three months.

Looking at Rogai's masterful works makes us a little giddy; maybe it's the wine. Check out the slideshow below, but be warned: you may get the spins.

Wine Paintings