'Sh*t Baristas Say': Four Barrel Coffee's Viral Video (VIDEO)

As anyone who has been online in the past month knows, the extremely popular viral video "Sh*t Girls Say" and its colony of spinoffs memes have taken over the Internet. But our hometown's latest contribution -- "Sh*t Baristas Say" -- is actually worth watching.

Filmed at San Francisco's very own Four Barrel coffee and starring flesh-and-blood baristo Ian Hunter Anderson, "Sh*t Baristas Say" is a hilarious snapshot of your beloved artisanal coffee shop and a surprisingly accurate commentary on our snobby coffee culture.


The video is rife with typical coffeehouse sass ("there's a library a few blocks away that has wireless," "there's no 'x' in espresso" and "we have cream and sugar out but they're just props" are a few highlights) that might sound a bit familiar in our Four Barrel/Blue Bottle/Ritual obsessed city.

Check it out for yourself in's video "Sh*t Baristas Say" below: