01/17/2012 12:34 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2012

Sophia Bush Talks Politics, Fleeing To Canada

Snooki may be endorsing Donald Trump for president, but when it comes to who has Sophia Bush's vote, we're left without a name. Bush, who made a name for herself over nine seasons on "One Tree Hill," has become so disillusioned with politics that she's thinking about packing up and heading to Canada.

"The more that I know of politics, the more it makes me realize that being a politician is largely useless," Bush told FOX411.

Bush has a long history of encouraging young people to get involved by voting or expanding their political breadth of knowledge. The actress is also quite verbose via Twitter when it comes to her eco views and non-profit work. And although Bush toured college campuses in 2008 in attempt to rally support for President Obama, four years later, she isn't as thrilled with her candidate.

"There are certainly some things that have let me down but again, I just feel like we've watched a man be broken," Bush told FOX.

So with political disillusion inspired by Obama, will Bush turn to one of the current Republican candidates? "I will not vote for a candidate who thinks you can 'pray away the gay,' I will not vote for a candidate who thinks that he has more rights to my uterus than I do, I will not vote for a candidate who thinks that it's okay to dump toxic waste in the ocean ... I believe all men, all women, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic background, you deserve the same rights. If that's not where our country is going, then I'll leave."

Not only is Bush a supporter of gay marriage off-screen, but her on-screen characters seem to swing both ways too. When David Letterman asked the brunette beauty if she had any lesbian experiences, she told the host that she had -- but only when the cameras were rolling for "John Tucker Must Die" or "One Tree Hill."

But Bush's on-screen opportunities to makeout with the ladies will have one less outlet come spring. The final season of "One Tree Hill" is currently airing and Bush even got behind the camera to direct the penultimate episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"It's my favorite episode I've ever made," Bush told THR of her turn at the director's chair. "I'm looking forward to getting to that point in the season because 12 and 13 really are a love letter to our little family, from the writers to the actors and the crew. It felt really good."

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