01/18/2012 09:04 am ET

Jennifer Lopez's Boyfriend Casper Smart Tweets About Love

Ever since Casper Smart started dating superstar singer Jennifer Lopez last fall, his world has been put under a microscope. Everything from his age, career and past indiscretions have been scrutinized, and now the 24-year-old backup dancer is cryptically speaking out over Twitter.

"Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant. Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite," Smart tweeted Wednesday. "Our ages are mere reminders of the hours logged on this earth and the precious time remaining."

Perhaps Smart is referring to the almost 20-year age difference between him and Lopez, 42. But it's not just years that separate them, it's life experience. Lopez split from her husband of seven years, Marc Anthony, in July and have two children together.

But according to Smart, even though they are both in different stages of their lives, that doesn't mean they can't be in love and enjoy their relationship.

"We should all honor our time here by indulging our passion and dreams. So, close your ears and open your hearts; Love and be happy!" he added.

We're not sure what prompted the usually shy Smart to speak out on the matter, but it definitely caught Lopez's attention. The singer re-tweeted each of Smart's messages to her 4 million followers.

Lopez recently reunited with Anthony at the Television Critics Association winter press tour last week, where they were promoting their new reality show, "Q'Viva! The Chosen."

"Working together has been great," Lopez said at the panel about working with Anthony. "We have a ball."



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