01/18/2012 06:12 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2012

Are Ronnie And Sammi From 'Jersey Shore' Dating? Ronnie Says No, For Now (VIDEO)

It can be difficult for even the most ardent of "Jersey Shore" fans to keep track of whether Ronnie and Sammi are currently dating. They've split up multiple times, but have a habit of getting back together whenever the "Jersey Shore" cameras are rolling. And as a result of the lag between when the show is filmed and when it airs, TV viewers are often put in the position of watching them together on-screen while they're currently broken up in real life.

Ronnie stopped by "Good Day New York" (weekdays on Fox) to try and clear up the confusion and update viewers on the state of his relationship with Sammi. He explained that, "[In] Italy, me and Sammi did really well, Jersey we did really well. You put us in a bubble for four months, and then you put us back in a world where I go from seeing my girlfriend every day to seeing her once a week. And to me, that's not fair for myself and for her ... we're holding each other into a relationship that's really not working right now ... Right now me and Sam are just friends."

Watching Ronnie and Sammi's televised fighting and subsequent reconciliations hasn't just been taxing on TV viewer's sanity; it's also had a negative effect on their relationship. "The stuff that happened in Miami ... they were showing in Jersey while we were filming. So all those fights that happened, she was watching what I did to her in Miami. Hearing it and seeing it, I think, just made it a lot worse," Ronnie said.

When Rosanna Scotto pressed Ronnie to see whether watching his own bad behavior made him feel like a jerk, he acknowledged that he has regrets, particularly trashing Sammi's room and throwing her stuff everywhere. He did clarify that despite their many heated quarrels, things never got physical. "I would never hit Sam," he protested.

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