01/19/2012 10:15 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Rick Perry Jewelry Says Goodbye As Candidate Exits GOP Race (PHOTOS)

Rick Perry's jewelry, we barely knew ye.

You strode onstage on the cuffs and fingers of the swaggering Republican candiate, flashing under the debate stage lights and reminding viewers, lest they ever forget, that your owner was a proud, blingy Texan.

But as soon as our eyes accustomed to the gleam of the Aggie ring, the gold bracelet and the oversized cufflinks, you were gone.

As Rick Perry prepares to announce the end of his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, we take a look back at the candidate's bling. Just like Michele Bachmann and her acrylic nails, Jon Huntsman and his bronzed visage and Herman Caine and his hats, one of the reliable visuals of the GOP presidential race is no longer with us.

Let's take a moment to mourn.

Rick Perry's Jewelry(CLONED)