01/20/2012 09:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Beckham Google Interview Covers Harper, Victoria & The Royals (VIDEO)

In case you can't wait till the Super Bowl to get your David Beckham fix (yes, his next H&M underwear ads will debut that night), we've got a healthy dose of Becks for you right here.

The soccer legend sat down with an audience at Google headquarters in California, looking dapper as always in a slim gray suit, a gray tie, a great watch and his hair perfectly coiffed, like a Ken doll come to life.

But he is, we discovered, a real person who adores Jay-Z, his wife, his kids... and the royal family.

When asked what it was like to attend "the wedding of the decade," Beckham began a loving monologue about his adoration for the British royals. He said, "I mean, we had to pinch ourselves when we got the invite. I've become friends with Prince William and he's a great guy, and obviously Harry as well. And I was brought up around the royal family, to love the royal family."

Gah! Any more details, Becks? What was the wedding really like?

"One of the best things about it for my wife, she was eight months pregnant and she was worried about where we were going to be sitting and she needed to be as close to the restroom as possible. And our seat was perfect, because we could see William and Kate walk in but then obviously Victoria could be like five steps away from the restroom."

No need for the frequent bathroom breaks now that the baby is here. Instead, there are frequent shopping trips. When asked about Harper Beckham's incredible designer wardrobe (at 27:59), David quipped:

"Oh, her wardrobe is ridiculous already. I'm glad I got a two-year contract."

Well, someone needs to pay for those fancy Chloe tights!

He also marveled, "Everything about her is very feminine, you know -- the way she moves, the way she eats, the way she smiles, the way she looks." Get used to it, dad -- she's also going to have quite the feminine fashion sense, judging by her stylish mum Victoria.

The interview is long but totally adorable. Check out the entire talk below.