01/20/2012 08:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jennifer Lopez Slammed In Anti-Nuclear Iran Fiat Parody Video (EXCLUSIVE)

After writing Jennifer Lopez an open letter, asking her to renounce her endorsement relationship with Fiat -- a company accused of supporting Iran's ballistic missile transportation -- United Against Nuclear Iran has now released a parody video, further vocalizing the singer's involvement with the company.

The video, given exclusively to The Huffington Post, shows Lopez's Fiat commercial spot, in which she is driving through her born-and-raised Bronx, spliced with images of violence at the hands of the Iranian regime. Mirroring the smooth-talking Lopez in her joy ride spot, the parody features a similar voice-over with a very different sentiment.

"They hired me to convince Americans to buy their cars," the video expounds. "I wish Fiat had told me they also sell to Iran. Fiat sells cars, trucks, and other equipment on the streets of Iran ... I would never want that on my block, but Fiat does pay me millions."

In their initial letter to Lopez, UANI gave the "American Idol" judge a deadline of Jan. 18 to respond with a decision to continue her relationship with Fiat or to renounce ties with the company. Neither Lopez nor her publicist responded to the organization or HuffPost Celeb's initial attempt for comment.

"Ms. Lopez should take steps to ensure the end of Fiat's business in Iran, as highlighted in this video, or end her lucrative financial relationship with the company," UANI President, Mark D. Wallace said of his hopes for the parody. "We call on all Americans to boycott Fiat's products until it ends its business in Iran."

This isn't the first time Lopez's fiat endorsement has come under fire. First it was revealed that the Bronx-boasting spot was actually shot in Los Angeles. Producers also reportedly used footage of street art done by renowned muralist group TATS Cru without their permission.

Lopez's camp has yet to comment on the superstar's decision to stay or part ways with the company.

Watch Lopez's original commercial here and check out UANI's parody video below:

WARNING: This video contains graphic images of violence.