01/20/2012 04:42 pm ET

New York City Snowstorm: 3-6 Inches Expected In First Significant Snowfall Of Season


A winter weather advisory is in effect for New York City from 1AM to 4PM Saturday and forecasters are predicting, get ready for it, SNOW! Anywhere from 3-6 inches of SNOW!

The temperature will get up to 37 and dip to 24, and per usual, expect more snow North and West of the city. It may not be all winter wonderland tomorrow however, as the snow might turn into freezing rain or sleet. It's all part of a big weather system sweeping the Northeast this weekend.

It's been cold this winter in the city, sure, but not since that freak snowstorm over Halloween weekend have we seen any significant snowfall, so enjoy it while you can New York! And if you're feeling especially winter-y Saturday, check out the massive game of Freeze-Tag taking place on Wall Street tomorrow.