01/20/2012 04:56 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2012

MTA Wants You To Find Your Subway Missed Connections For V-Day

For all you star-crossed lovers hoping to finally lay eyes upon your missed connections once more, the New York Transit Museum is hosting a special Love-in-Transit party in hopes to reunite soulmates thwarted by subway doors that close all too soon.

The party will take place on Valentine's Day, when romantics can head to the museum for an evening to mingle with other dreamers hoping to meet the ONE that got away. Nervous? Wash down the jitter with refreshments compliments of Brooklyn Brewery and break the ice by taking snapshots inside the party's token booth.

New York Times Metro writer Alan Feuer will also be present to read from Craigslist posts in poetic fashion, recapturing those torturous moments between one straphanger and another that slip away into Internet oblivion.

Here's a preview of our favorite missed connections below:

1. The somber, longing love:

every fiber of my being to not run to you and hold you tight so that you will never ever be apart again....then I remember you don't love me anymore...I am a fool to think you ever did...if we were meant to be I'd be in your arms already.

2. The one who appreciates dental hygiene:

I saw you on the 6 train wearing a green tube top, high pumps and a scantily cut black skirt. Puzzled by the choice of clothing in mid February. Not puzzled by your gum. You were chewing Dentyne. You Practice Safe Breath. . .as do I. Find me.

3. The one who is strong enough to admit they're wrong:

thats right! i love you. sorry i washed your toaster with water.

4. The contemporary John Keats:

That is when I love you most. When you let the wants, and expectations fall away. Let go of control. Be with me. Tell me. Do you ever see me? Or only your dream? I only want you. To see you. To know you. Without expectations. Behind the front. Beyond control. Mind and body. Powerful. Kind. Beautiful. Sweet. Pure. Love. I know what it is. That is what I want from you. To dream with you.

5. The enigmatic:

you got the wrong guy...because who im talking about i never met....