01/23/2012 11:52 am ET

Bloomberg Predicts Next NYC Mayor Will Be A Democrat

As his third-term inches towards the end, Mayor Bloomberg is dishing out on who he thinks will succeed him in City Hall.

In an interview with The Post, Bloomberg says the 2013 mayoral race will essentially be a Democratic battle, sans embattled comptroller, John Liu.

You never know, 'cause things change. Who would have thought John Liu being out of it? I assume he is. It's really hard to see the Democratic primary next year not being the real election.

Bloomberg went on to say that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly would be a "phenomenal mayor," if it weren't for his lack of funds to raise a viable campaign. "Ray Kelly, last time I checked, was not a billionaire willing to spend $100 million of his own money. It would be very hard for him."

If his hunch proves right, the four Democratic candidates are likely to be City Council Speaker Christie Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and former Comptroller Bill Thompson.

While Bloomberg is still mum on officially endorsing a candidate, in private, Quinn is said to be his top choice. Throughout the years, Bloomberg and Quinn have been allies on various policies, even garnering Quinn the reputation as the "mayor's pet."

Perhaps in a move to distance herself from such judgements, Quinn is currently leading a lawsuit against Bloomberg, challenging his proposed policies regarding homelessness in the city.

Regardless of what happens, Bloomberg can find comfort in the fact that come 2013, his dreaded ceremonial duties will soon be over.