01/23/2012 01:14 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2012

Casey Anthony Denies Knowledge of Texas EquuSearch's Efforts To Find Daughter Caylee

Casey Anthony denied that she was aware of search parties investigating her daughter Caylee's disappearance during September and October of 2008.

During a court hearing on Friday, Anthony responded to two questions in a lawsuit brought against her by the volunteer organization Texas EquuSearch, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

EquuSearch director Tim Miller said that, in addition to denying knowledge of the search, Anthony admitted that she did not witness her father call police to report the discovery that 2-year-old Caylee had drowned in a swimming pool.

Judge Lisa Munyon has allowed Anthony to invoke her right against self-incrimination -- and not answer certain questions -- because she is appealing her conviction of lying to police. Just after Caylee went missing she told authorities that the child had been kidnapped. In her criminal trial, her lawyer claimed that the child had drowned in a swimming pool.

Anthony's attorneys have fought against having Anthony answer any questions prior to resolving her appeals, News13 explains.

Miller claims that, despite the denial, Anthony was aware of the EquuSearch efforts to recover her daughter.

EquuSearch is seeking to recover $110,000 spent on two multi-day searches.

"Of course she knew... she got our business card when we walked in the door," Miller told WESH-2.

Anthony's claims about her daughter's disappearance launched one of the biggest searches for a missing person in U.S. history.



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