01/23/2012 03:44 pm ET

'Chuck' Series Finale: Ask Co-Creator Chris Fedak Your Questions Here!

The series finale of NBC's "Chuck" airs Friday and many fans are still in a state of deep denial.

Sure, we've all known for almost a year that Chuck Bartowski's spy adventures would wrap up at the end of Season 5, but it's hard to accept that the show is really not going to be around much longer.

To distract us during this period of pre-mourning, co-creator Chris Fedak has agreed to let us barrage him with some "Chuck"-related questions.

Here's the deal, "Chuck" fans: Submit your lingering questions below in the comments section (or you can submit them via Twitter with the hashtag #chuckquestions, if you prefer). You have until midnight EST on Tuesday (or 9 p.m. PT on Tuesday) to submit your question (try to keep it to one per person) in order for it to be considered for submission to Fedak.

Your questions do not have to be related to the finale or even the final season of the show. It doesn't matter if the question is related to a character or a particular episode, or whether it's big picture or small scale. This is your opportunity to ask your burning question on whatever "Chuck"-related topic you've always wondered about.

We'll comb through the questions and submit the best of the crop to "Chuck" executive producer and co-creator Fedak. Then, we'll post your questions and his answers on series finale day, Friday. Not all questions will be answered, of course, because like good espionage agents, we're working within a compressed time frame here. But we're very keen to see what queries fans come up with.

Sound like a plan, "Chuck" fans? Now, don't worry, we've got other "Chuck" coverage coming this week, but we thought the best way to commemorate the end of this show -- which was saved so many times by its devoted and creative fans -- would be to hand one last interview to the people who made the last five years so much fun.

"Chuck" fans have already blown us away with their generosity in the Swag for Charity auction (which features a very special "Chuck" item), and we're sure the questions (and answers) will be a treat to read.

So let's pull out all the stops on this final mission, Buy Moreans -- in comments or on Twitter (#chuckquestions), let us know what you simply must have answered before Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Morgan Grimes, John Casey and the rest go away for good!