01/24/2012 09:13 am ET

Giles Coke, Steven Schumacher Fight: Bury Teammates Scuffle Over Penalty Kick (VIDEO)

If Bury FC were the subject of a paint-by-numbers, uplifting sports movie then this on-field shoving match could very well be the opening scene. And if this was indeed the start of such a film, then this contentious intra-squad spat would likely be followed by 90 minutes of lessons being learned, personal growth and unexpected triumphs.

During a League 1 game between Bury and Yoevil in England, Bury forward Giles Coke managed to draw a penalty shot after being tackled inside Yoevil's box...and that's when things got weird. Bury captain Steven Schumacher serves as the team's designated penalty taker and began scuffling with Coke when he refused to give up the ball. The players had to be separated by three teammates before ultimately getting booked.

The only part of this incident that screenwriters might alter to ratchet up the drama is to have Schumacher miss the penalty shot rather than slotting it home to help his team win the game, 3-2. Needless to say, the fictional Bury chronicle would end with each of these teammates urging the other to take a shot to claim a big FA Cup win over a Premier League side.

According to the BBC, Coke issued an apology for the incident saying, "When playing my emotions run high, and in my mind following being brought down, all I could think of was getting the ball and making it 3-1."

'Emotions run high' I guess is one way to describe it.

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