01/23/2012 04:50 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2012

Nathan Barnatt Dances In Yelle's 'Comme Un Enfant' (VIDEO)

Nathan Barnatt is back, and he's showcasing more of his quirky dance moves.

This time, the YouTube sensation is shaking his derriere for the French band Yelle in the music video for the Freaks remix version of the song, "Comme Un Enfant."

The video, which was directed by Paul Cummings, features a turtleneck-wearing Barnatt flailing his arms while breaking it down in an office, a subway, a garden, inside LAX and just about everywhere else imaginable.

The party continues until Barnatt's boss interrupts the fun and demands the dancing come to a halt.

What a killjoy.

Barnatt has appeared in commercials for several products including M&M's, but the comedian is probably best known for his Skittles dance.

The "Comme Un Enfant" video is not Barnatt's first musical appearance. In 2011, Barnatt appeared in a video for "Pop Culture," a 39-song mashup by French DJ Madeon.