01/23/2012 10:32 am ET

Twitter Feed on Australia Cineplex's Website Offends; Shailene Woodley's Cleavage And 'War Horse' Bestiality Discussed

Movie criticism can be harsh, especially on Twitter. One Australian theater chain found that out the hard way.

In order to generate buzz, Cineplex Australia set up a live twitter feed on its website to chronicle comments made about the films at Brisbane's four theater locations.

But what seemed like an innocent, interactive idea quickly went downhill when the film that made Kate Middleton cry became a commentary on bestiality. "I get that the guy and horse from 'War Horse' were best friends but do you think they were also friends with benefits?" one user tweeted about Steven Spielberg's "War Horse," according to news.com.au.

And while Shailene Woodley was focused on the vulnerability of her character in "The Descendants," all eyes were on her chest. "Shailene Woodley's cleavage deserves an Oscar nod for their work in 'The Descendants,'" one viewer wrote while another noted, "George Clooney is so f---ing hot."

Upon seeing the tweets, Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director Wendy Francis called the comments "totally inappropriate" and added, "This website is not something that is restricted to adults."

Cineplex owner Leo Catalano quickly removed the feed saying, "We want no part of it. It shouldn't be there."

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