01/24/2012 10:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Aleksandr Geynrikh Penalty Shot: Uzbekistan Striker Botches Trick Play (VIDEO)

Whatever Aleksandr Geynrikh was going for with this penalty shot, he didn't pull it off.

On Monday night, Zenit St. Petersburg played a friendly match against Uzbekistan's Under-23 national squad. With the game well in hand for Zenit by a score of 5-0, Gynrikh of Uzbekistan was given the chance to put his side on the scoreboard via a penalty shot. But rather than merely taking the shot in a traditional fashion, Gynrikh decided to use the opportunity to attempt a trick play.

Gynrikh slowly tapped the ball in an attempt to pass it to a teammate, but the timing was off allowing the pass to be easily cleared. The play was embarrassing to be sure, but Gynrikh was fortunately let off the hook as a result of the referee declaring that Zenit encroached in the box before the striker initially touched the ball. As a result, Gynrikh got to shoot again.

And, yes, he missed the second shot.


Maxifoot points out that Gynrikh was likely attempting to re-create Johan Cruyff's iconic penalty from the 1980s in which he hoodwinked a keeper by passing the ball off to a teammate.

Yeah, Gynrikh's attempt didn't quite play out like that. In fact, this fail ultimately had more in common with Amir Sayoud's botched trick penalty in the Egypt Cup, an attempt so bad that he was shown a yellow card by the referee.


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