01/31/2012 08:08 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2012

Designer Creates Futuristic 'Super-Furniture'

We've all experienced those never-ending debates when trying to rearrange furniture. You move the bed around because the dressers didn't feel Feng Shui enough and now the room looks all wrong. Sometimes don't you wish you could just plop your furniture in the middle of the room and be done with it?

The design team at Bureau Spectacular have answered your prayers. Lead by Jimenez Lai, the team at the Chicago-based architectural firm constructed a gigantic yet functional piece of 'super-furniture.' "White Elephant (Privately Soft)" appears to be just another hulking mass of a sculpture, but upon inspection a padded cowhide room is revealed as its core. While cowhide may not be the most attractive material to line an interior with, the functionality of the piece more than makes of for the animal sarcophagus interior. The compelling feature of "White Elephant" is that it can be flipped on any side while still maintaining the recreational space inside.

You can pretty much sit inside the piece while it is rolled over and keep your seat (though we would still recommend getting out first, of course). Because of its unique shape and dimensions, "White Elephant" inadvertently redefines the area which it occupies. Refusing to be confined to a pre-determined grid, it exists within a new plane previously left as negative space.

It functions both as a piece of furniture and a living unit, blurring the line and between space itself and the adornments that accent a room. It can serve as the focal point of one's environment or just another piece of furniture, though its alluring presence would lead us to believe that it would fall somewhere in the middle. Being so functional and ambiguous at the same time, "White Elephant" is like the bean bag chair of the future, only without the inevitable foam balls spilling out everywhere.

View a slideshow of "White Elephant (Privately Soft)" below, and let us know if you'd even consider buying such a thing for your abode in the comments section.

White Elephant