01/24/2012 04:00 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2012

Even More Predictions For Travel In 2012 (PHOTOS)

President Obama's Disney World speech Thursday put travel and tourism front-of-mind for just about everyone, if only for the afternoon.

And with more than 11 months left in the year, there's still plenty of time to take a trip in 2012.

We've already seen a number of forecasts for what destinations are can't-miss this year, whether you're looking for great deals, the buzz of the Olympics or even the end of the world. This latest batch, from the travel experts at deal-watching site Travel-Ticker, takes a slightly different tack.

"A lot of people are touting the best destinations for 2012, and there are definitely places that will be offering great values throughout the New Year," says L. Jasmine Kim, the site's general manager. "But are they the destinations people actually want to go to? We wanted to find out and decided to ask consumers in our 'traveler intentions survey' what their 10 dream destinations are for 2012."

Travel-Ticker's Top 10 For 2012