01/24/2012 09:30 am ET

Katy Perry Explains Why She Kisses Fans On Stage

We all know Katy Perry once kissed a girl -- and liked it -- but what about her onstage smooch with a fan at a recent concert in the Philippines?

The "Teenage Dream" singer, who split from husband Russell Brand in December, caused a stir last weekend when she brought an audience member onstage during the final show of her "California Dreams" world tour.

A review in the Philippines Star described the segment of Perry's show:

"Perhaps the most shocking and most memorable of her larks was her torrid flirting with local celebrity Ivan Dorschner. After scanning the crowd and telling the men in the audience to strip off their shirts if they wanted to come up onstage with her, she finally chose the chiselled Dorschner to give her a taste of the Philippines."

Perry, who has been known to push the envelope at times, played down the hype surrounding her onstage antics with Dorschner on Twitter, saying the smooch was nothing out of the ordinary for her show.

"Btw, I have *kissed* 1 boy, picked randomly out of the audience, on the cheek as a part of my show for all 125 tour dates. Simmer down now," Perry tweeted about the kiss.

It's true, considering days earlier she did the same act at a show in Jakarta, Indonesia.

So no scandal here, folks. While Perry is in the middle of what has turned into a drama-filled divorce, she's not moving on from Brand just yet.

Check out photos of Katy Perry below:

Katy Perry