01/24/2012 05:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shit People In LA Say: Angelenos Get Parodied In Four Different Films (VIDEO, UPDATED)

The "sh*t" has hit the West Coast, and since we were so patient waiting for our own versions, we get two video parodies. Lucky us!

"Sh*t LA People Say" features two completely atrocious, botox-using, carb-avoiding West Siders as they brunch and lunch their way through life. Note the band-wagon evolution from Clippers hater to Blake Griffin superfan and vitriolic hatred of "bikers."

WARNING: Explicit language in both videos.

The ladies from "Sh*t People Say In LA," on the other hand, never go west of Vermont. These women get their coffee at Intelligentsia only, are planning a Coachella trip and flirt with bike ownership. Unlike the first video, this version seems like a more authentic attempt at Los Angeles parody, instead of a video about Hollywood stereotypes of people you love to hate.

Which LA stereotype are you? If you're like us, then you're not completely sold on either version. Instead, we're holding out for an East LA video called "Sh*t Angelenos Say."

h/t LAist.

UPDATE: Ask and you shall receive! In our inboxes this morning is a third version of the Los Angeles parodies, called "OFFICIAL Sh*t Angelenos Say (from Los Angeles)." Taking place in Downtown LA, gems from the short film include "this club is full of douchebags," "I love KCRW," and an actual line in Spanish.

SECOND UPDATE: What can we say? In a city teeming with aspiring actors, writers, directors and producers, Angelenos are blessed (and cursed) with multiple versions of the "Sh*t People Say" parodies. Director/producer Craig Michaelson sent us his version of the meme, entitled "Sh*t LA Actors Say," which dropped last week. Because one of the characters is in drag, this version is the most faithful to the video that started it all.