01/24/2012 11:25 pm ET

State Of The Union Speech 2012 Prompts Outpouring Of Political Reaction (PHOTOS)

President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech on Tuesday night prompted an outpouring of reaction from both sides of the aisle in the political community.

From lawmakers on Capitol Hill to candidates competing for the Republican presidential nomination, it didn't take long for leading political figures to weigh in.

HuffPost's Jen Bendery reports:

Obama laid out some notable new policy proposals, including the creation of a new international minimum tax on U.S. companies making profits overseas; the launching of a new trade enforcement unit that would target unfair trade practices in countries around the world, including China; and a plan to shift federal aid away from colleges that don't keep down tuition costs. He also announced that the Defense Department will make history's largest renewable energy purchase -- totaling 1 gigawatt. The president can use his executive power to make the last item happen.

Below, a slideshow of reactions from politicians to Obama's speech.

State Of The Union 2012 Reaction