01/24/2012 06:01 pm ET

Reuse Plastic Bottles: Top 20 DIY Tips

From Networx' Sayward Rebhal:

Plastic grocery bags and plastic water bottles -- those disposable environmental nightmares -- have become iconic in the current green revolution. Which is why plastic grocery bags are banned in many states, with many more on the way. Alas, single-use soda and water bottles are still ubiquitous. And even those of us who refuse to buy them, somehow seem to find ourselves in possession of the little landfill disasters.

So you've found yourself with a stash of bottles, maybe from your Couch-To-5k run, or your company-provided lunch, or that one time you got caught on a long drive in the middle of nowhere. Beverage trash still happens to mindful people! But that's okay. There's plenty of ways to get creative and up-cycle them for new and useful purposes. Here are a few fantastic ideas to get you started.

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All captions/tips courtesy of Networx.

Reuse Plastic Water Bottles