01/24/2012 04:39 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2012

Vinesa Snegur Missing: Search Continues For Six-Year-Old Swept Down Oregon River (VIDEO)

Authorities continued their search Tuesday for six-year-old Vinesa Snegur, who disappeared Sunday afternoon after falling into Oregon's frigid Clackamas River.

Snegur, a Portland resident, was playing in the snow with her parents in the Mount Hood Regional Forest when she toppled into the river, swollen from a recent storm, and was swept downstream. Her father raced along the water's edge but couldn't keep up with his daughter. Winter weather conditions have kept the river moving rapidly and at near-freezing temperatures.


The Oregonian reports that the icy conditions have created a dangerous environment for the more than 50 search and rescue volunteers tirelessly combing the area.

"The weather definitely is limiting what we can do," Sgt. James Rhodes told the paper. "Despite the volunteers' commitment to continue, we will assess the situation late this afternoon."

Rhodes explained that the area Snegur and her parents, Igor and Marina Snegur, had chosen to play in is popular among visitors due to its rustic, wilderness location removed from modern-day amenities like cell phone service. As a result, after the accident it took Snegur's father more than an hour to find help at a ranger station.

The first-grader's classmates and teachers visited a special crisis counseling team, according to the Associated Press. "She has many friends," Principal Rolando Florez told the Oregonian. "There were lots of sad kids in her class today."

Take a look at video from the search efforts below: