01/25/2012 11:30 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Mens' Fashion: Street Style At Pitti Florence And Capsule NYC (PHOTOS)

Move over ladies -- fashion is no longer just a girl's game. In fact, if some of the attendees at Pitti Florence and Capsule NYC are any indication, I'd say we've got some pretty stiff competition.

The pervasiveness of the style culture, powered by the Internet and renewed acceptability of guys dressing up, has sparked quite a phenomenon. But how much is too much? While I very much enjoy a man who can pull off a double-breasted blazer, ascot, brogues or even a bowler hat, I don't want to stroll around town with a former member of the Village People. And unfortunately, many attendees of the various menswear trade shows resembled just that.

Those with an innate sensibility shined, as pictured in the slideshow below. Others seemed as if they were celebrating Halloween a bit early -- dressed as railroad engineers, sailors, cowboys, schoolboys, professors or prohibitionists.

Trust me, we appreciate the effort, but try to avoid women-repeller territory. Ladies, please enjoy the man candy and let us know which gentleman tickles your fancy in our comments section below.

Written by Stylelist Blogger Network member Jessica Hoppe of Having It All.