01/26/2012 11:37 am ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Bill Maher Tells Anderson Cooper: 'Too Many Debates' (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night, Bill Maher told Anderson Cooper that there have been too many GOP debates this election season. Cooper is scheduled to moderate CNN's debate -- the 20th of the Republican primary -- in Florida on Thursday night.

Maher called President Obama's State of the Union address a "breath of fresh air" after watching so many Republican debates. He complained that that the number of debates had reached a point of excess (a sentiment expressed by some Republicans as well). He said, "These endless debates -- too many, Anderson, really."

Cooper asked, "Really? I think they've been really interesting though."

Maher said that he had initially thought this as well, and added that without the debates "we would've never found out out that Rick Perry is an idiot." But he felt that the networks have reached "a point where it's just too much." "Why do we need two debates in Florida, three days apart?" he asked.

Maher also predicted that Mitt Romney would win the nomination. He admitted that President Obama has disappointed him at times, but said that the idea of the Republicans "makes me run back into [Obama's] arms screaming."



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