01/26/2012 09:41 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Celebrity Catfights: Madonna, Elton John, Lady Gaga, RuPaul, Bette Midler Diss Fellow Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Not surprisingly, gay media commentators were quick to sound off on perhaps the biggest celebrity catfight of 2012 so far: Elton John vs. Madonna at the Golden Globes.

Having previously slammed the Material Girl for allegedly lip-syncing segments of her 2004 Re-Invention World Tour, the Rocket Man couldn't resist a dig at the pop diva while strolling the red carpet, saying that her nominated song "didn't have a f**king chance" of taking home the award. But when Madonna did win, Elton's husband David Furnish came to his partner's defense, dissing Ms. Ciccone and her song on Facebook as well as to the New York Post.

Of course, as far as gay icons and other celebrities are concerned, the feud was just par for the course (particularly given that Furnish has since apologized for his words). When Hollywood stars' colossal egos clash, there's no telling what might happen. Betty White has confirmed long-standing rumors that she and "Golden Girls" co-star Bea Arthur didn't get along; Bette Midler has sounded off on Lady Gaga's "stolen" act, while Neil Patrick Harris, RuPaul, Rosie O'Donnell and Christina Aguilera are among those who've also engaged in a much-publicized spat with a fellow celebrity or public figure.

Take a look at our best celeb catfights and diva disses below:

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