01/26/2012 12:40 am ET

WATCH: Newt Gingrich Endorsed By Fred Thompson -- The Video That Should Have Been

For the larger part of the 2012 campaign, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has enjoyed frontrunner status, and one of the benefits of being thought of as the top dog has been his ability to attract a laundry list of endorsers. But now that Newt Gingrich has thrown the entire race into disarray, winning South Carolina and blunting Mitt's national momentum, he's started to notch some key supporters of his own. Like Chuck Norris, for example! Action-movie hero, Mike Huckabee confidant, viral-video star -- Norris had it all, and the announcement that he'd swung behind Gingrich had the Internet straight blowin' up.

And then there's -- well ... also ... uhm, Fred Thompson. Right? He also endorsed Newt. And that's pretty sweet ... we guess. You probably know Thompson best for the way he perfected the art of sitting around well-appointed offices, drawling lugubriously, in the "Law And Order" series. Also, he was a candidate for the GOP nomination in 2008. He basically ran on the platform that he'd do what he could to muster up some interest in running the country, one or two days a week, as long as -- you know -- everyone agreed to not be all "in your face" about it.

OK, well, it seems pretty clear that in the political arena, the name Fred Thompson is basically associated with the word, "Feh." And that's why despite the fact that he's actually a more "serious" political personage, it was Chuck Norris who got all the attention for his Newt support. Well, that's a shame, and we did something about it. HuffPost's Hunter Stuart combined Thompson's support of Newt Gingrich with the one thing we know Thompson has -- a childlike enthusiasm for reverse mortgages -- to fashion the endorsement roll-out ad that everyone deserved.

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