01/26/2012 05:24 am ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

'Hot In Cleveland': Jennifer Love Hewitt And Joe Jonas Engaged? (VIDEO)

Victoria was thrilled that her daughter Emmy was stopping by for a visit on the latest "Hot in Cleveland" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on TV Land), and shocked to learn that she was bringing her new fiancee with her. Jennifer Love Hewitt reprised her role as the daughter who's every bit -- if not more -- dramatic than her mother. She even brought dramatics to the confirmation of her engagement.

It was the groom that turned out to be the biggest surprise, and another returning guest star. Melanie was delightfully happy and surprised to see her son Will (Joe Jonas), and then just plain surprised when Emmy clarified that it was Will she was engaged to. Will who was neither famous nor rich. So why was this happening?

Will certainly didn't seem to know, but as Emmy kept reminding him, she was there now to do his thinking for him. It's so easy to imagine Victoria treating her former husbands in the exact same way that Emmy treated Will. Luckily for Victoria and Melanie, who saw disaster written all over this marriage, the more Emmy and Will talked the less they got along. The more Will tried to think for himself, the more Emmy realized that's not what she wanted.

So they ended it, which was probably for the best. It will be easier to fit them in for future guest appearances on the show if they don't have to show up in the same episodes all the time. Everybody wins!

"Hot in Cleveland" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on TV Land.

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