01/26/2012 04:48 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Jan Brewer: 'The Talk' Ladies Rip Arizona Governor's Finger-Pointing (VIDEO)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is making headlines after she used some aggressive body language in a heated exchange with President Obama on a tarmac in Phoenix on Wednesday. A photo of the tense conversation has gone viral, and the ladies of "The Talk" (weekdays on CBS) offered their opinions of Brewer's finger-pointing on Thursday's show.

Aisha Tyler poked fun at Brewer calling the President overly sensitive. "The guy has been taking a beating for three years straight, he definitely does not have thin skin. But I'm surprised the Secret Service didn't shoot that finger right off," she joked.

Sara Gilbert thought Brewer's combative body language indicated that she was over-compensating, and argued that it was counter-productive. "When people talk to me that way, I think it comes because they feel like they're in a weak position, so they compensate with aggressive body language to make you hear them. But if anything it just shuts you down, it doesn't make you open when somebody's aggressive," she said.

Guest-host Tori Spelling empathized with Brewer's gesture, but still called her behavior childish. "As a mom, I'm used to finger pointing every single day. They're condescending ... all the same things, basically," Spelling quipped.

Sheryl Underwood, for her part, closed the discussion by demonstrating a much more friendly greeting she would've offered the President. Maybe when election season's in full swing, he'll stop by "The Talk" and "The View."

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