01/27/2012 09:28 am ET

'Mirror Mirror' Featurette: Lily Collins, Julia Roberts Duke It Out

Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart were originally pitted against each other with propaganda for their "Snow White" films surfacing around the same time.

But the new "Mirror Mirror" featurette proves that Collins' version will be much more family friendly than "Snow White And The Huntsman."

Not only is Julia Roberts' portrayal of the evil queen less chilling than Charlize Theron's, but Collins has done away with the "damsel in distress" routine.

"I've heard so many stories where the prince saves the princess," Snow White tells her prince, played by Armie Hammer, in the featurette. "It's time we change that ending!"

Furthermore, the dwarves aren't just Snow White's cleaning buddies this time around. "The seven dwarves turn out to be somewhat mentors for her," Collins explains.

Catch Collins in Tarsem Singh's "Mirror Mirror" alongside Roberts, Hammer, Nathan Lane and more, in theaters March 30th.