01/27/2012 04:48 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2012

Peter Schlesinger: Artistic Angelenos Celebrate At Michael Smith's Duke & Duke Gallery

Peter Schlesinger was surrounded by friends and memories last night at a private reception hosted by Michael Smith at the Duke and Duke Gallery in West Hollywood. His current exhibition is a collection of nostalgic photographs and elemental sculptures. The works are expressions of Schlesinger's past (the photographs) and present (the sculptures).

"I grew up here and it took forty years to get a show here, it's a weird feeling but it's fabulous." said the artist.

Friends from his art-world adventures like Firooz Zahedi and Don Bachardy were present to support, along with Schlesinger's partner and photography subject Eric Boman.

"It's my life as much as it's Peter's," Boman said. "We met 41 years ago in London and it's all about times that we've shared. It's just natural," he says as he looks as the wall of images.

"They're fun," said Zahedi, who's best known for his photographs of Elizabeth Taylor in Iran. He continued, "Whatever was a snapshot then, historically it's so relevant today. This whole nostalgia we have for sixties, seventies eras makes it fine art."

For an artist who once said "I was born on the wrong continent in the wrong century," Schlesigner couldn't have looked more in the right place at the right time last night.