01/27/2012 03:02 pm ET

The Worst On-Screen Hair Moments In Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Producers, stylists, costume designers and directors all take part in crafting the appearances of on-screen characters. And when these teams of pros can't whip an actor's tresses into shape, the "bad hair day" excuse just doesn't cut it. But their failures are our fodder -- we've scoured films for Hollywood's worst wigs, toupees, and overall toppers.

From Kristen Stewart's suspiciously perfect hairline in the "Twilight" series to Nicolas Cage's decidedly imperfect locks in "Next," there's been no shortage of looks wiggy enough to distract us from the action on-screen.

Even this year's Oscar contenders aren't exempt from egregious follicle lapses. Emma Stone's wig in "The Help" had her looking as if she had her hand in an electrical socket, not in the rewriting of history. And Sandra Bullock wasn't fooling anyone with her impeccably coiffed accessory in "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close."

So who takes the cake for worst on-screen hair in Hollywood? You decide.

Check out all of the contenders and vote below:

Hollywood's Worst Wigs