01/28/2012 12:29 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Glenn Close On 'Albert Nobbs', Gender Bending And 'Damages'

Twenty-four hours before the Golden Globes ceremony, for which she's been nominated as Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama, Glenn Close is doing some last-minute press from her Los Angeles Four Seasons hotel room. While she ultimately didn't take home a statuette the next night, Close's performance is a bona fide winner (as evidenced by her recent Oscar nomination) -- and represents "closure and joy" for a passion project 30 years in the making.

Playing a woman who camouflages herself as a man to work as a hotel butler and survive in 19th-century Ireland, Close -- who also produced and co-wrote the film (and its Globes-nominated, Sinead O'Connor-performed original song, "Lay Your Head Down") -- turns in a vulnerable, kindly, enigmatic, and multilayered performance (quite literally so, with subtle facial prosthetics to butch up her features). Nobbs also co-stars Janet McTeer as Hubert, a swaggering lesbian who also poses as a man, while Mia Wasakowska portrays a beguiling maid, Helen, to whom Nobbs takes a romantic shine.

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