01/28/2012 04:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tony Hawk Interviews Odd Future Crew At Big Day Out Festival (VIDEO)

Tony Hawk should probably never be in the interviewer seat, but here he is, tempting fate, with probably one of the hardest groups of people to interview out there. At the Big Day Out music festival in Australia, the salt-and-peppery-haired skater remained standing (technically not in the interviewer seat, but equally if not more awkward) to ask questions of a half-seated Tyler the Creator and the rest of his Odd Future crew on a stairwell. The hip hop collective is into skating, so there's your tenuous link -- aside from that, we're just as lost as you are as to why this is happening. The Odd Future boys put up a shop for the week of the festival to sell merchandise, and Hawk begins his line of questioning where they can find common ground -- t-shirts. The camera zooms in on a t-shirt of two gay cats, and Hawk vaguely asks where they get their inspiration from.

"Really I get inspiration from meth, and I like cats a lot, and I'm not playin'," Tyler said.

We're glad this interview happened.