01/29/2012 10:40 pm ET

'House Of Lies': Kristen Bell Talks Character Reveal

On Showtime's "House of Lies," the characters aren't opposed to breaking more than a few social standards in an effort to get the job done.

In the fourth episode of Season 1, "Mini-Mogul" (airing Sun., Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. EST), for example, Jeannie Van Der Hooven says goodbye to her fiance in the airport and promptly removes her engagement ring before meeting up with the rest of "the Pod."

In December, "House of Lies" star Kristen Bell, who plays Jeannie, told HuffPost TV that her character "doesn't have the strongest moral compass;" but in Jeannie's mind, she's not doing anything wrong.

Find out what else Bell had to say about Jeannie below.

In the fourth episode, we find out Jeannie's engaged.
Mm hm.

And then that ring comes off as soon she leaves the fiance.
You bet your balls it does! [Laughs]

[Laughs] When you were reading the script, were you kind of appalled at anything she does?
I wasn't appalled because I was reading from her perspective -- my only goal is to believe everything she does and then display it for the audience, present it for the audience. Jeannie was a big player born into a really small game and that's what she's running from. She desperately wants to be an adult, which causes her often to act like a child. She has not really had a set of consequences that has ever forced her to reconcile her actions with her values, so she'll continue to do what satisfies her ... I guess what I'm saying is she doesn't think taking off her ring is all that wrong. She looks at it from the perspective -- most people can look at it with empathy and say, "Well, this is disrespectful to her husband." Jeannie is simply looking at where, "I don't want the men at work to know I'm engaged because being single and being sexy gives me a leg up." It's as simple as that.

It's similar to celebrities who don't talk about their personal lives.
Kind of, yeah. There's the addition of once you pop that can open, everybody wants to know everything about the lint between your toes. But yeah, I think that is definitely a part of it. You feel more in control and you have a little bit more power when you are fiercely protective of your private life. Granted, it doesn't really work out all that well for Jeannie as you'll see in the unfolding episodes.

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