01/29/2012 11:45 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2012

SAG Awards 2012: Rainn Wilson On 'The Office' Spinoff For Dwight Rumors (VIDEO)

"Can America handle all Dwight, all the time?" E! host Giulianna Rancic asked "The Office" star Rainn Wilson at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night.

At first, the actor played coy about the news that broke earlier in the week that his character Dwight Schrute would be getting a spinoff of the hit NBC sitcom. "That is the worst idea I've ever heard," a straight-faced Wilson said. "Spinoffs never work. Don't people know that? Why would anyone think that a spinoff could possibly work with a character as annoying as Dwight?"

Wilson then changed the topic by pointing out the arrival of "Glee" star Jenna Ushkowitz, before finally getting serious about the subject ... sort of.

"Spinoffs are awesome. We are talking about a Dwight spinoff. It could be really cool 'cause it would be on his farm, which would be a bed and breakfast, and have a crazy menagerie of characters," Wilson explained. "It would be even more far out and weird than 'The Office.' So we're talking about it. It's a good idea. We're mulling it over."